Our thanks for the support and understanding of sponsors, presenters, leaders, prize givers and supporters in making the very difficult decision to postpone IMPACT7 2020 to later on in the year. We believe this is the best course of action to minimise risk, protect each other and ensure IMPACT7 is as good as it should be!

IMPACT7 is built on the goodwill of the community it serves. We are very conscious of all the time and effort that has already gone towards IMPACT7. This is why we cannot wait to see IMPACT7 come to fruition! Here’s to the gamechangers that are helping to make tomorrow a better place.

Meet the IMPACT7 2020 Presenters:

Be inspired by 30+ Australian researchers, scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs as they showcase their game changing innovations with potential collaborators, innovators, mentors, investors, customers, educators and students.


Larissa Barlett, Univerity of Tasmania

The ISLAND Project will involve a range of studies that relate to understanding who is at most risk of dementia and how we can self-manage risk behaviours to build resilience to dementia.

One Good Street

Matiu Bush, Health Transformation Lab

One Good Street seeks to utilises the latent capacity within local neighbourhoods to solve problems on a micro level.

Transforming access to healthcare

Isabel Lam, Swoop Aero

Swoop Aero is transforming the way the world moves critical medical supplies, using aeromedical drone logistics.

Wave Swell Energy

Tom Denniss, Wave Swell

Proprietary technology that converts the energy in ocean waves into clean and emissions free electricity.


Shing Yue Sheung, Navi Medical Technologies

Improving catheter positioning in newborns


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