7 Challenges

IMPACT7 showcases amazing scientific solutions to challenges that face our globe.
Researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators from across the country are invited to share how they are addressing these 7 challenges at IMPACT7 2020 below.


How do we sustain life on earth and reverse the damage to our ecosystems?
How can we reduce and repurpose wasted resources?
What can we do to help save the planet for future generations?


What do our future urban environments look like?
What compelling ideas can we adopt to manage population growth and environmental change?
How can we ensure the future resilience and liveability of our cities and boost our capacity to find solutions to such challenges as energy, housing and wayfinding?

Challenge sponsored by Melbourne Innovation Districts


Humans are hard-wired for social connection.
How do we nurture meaningful relationships between each-other, our communities and our world?

Challenge sponsored by Australia’s Academic and Research Network


Income gaps are widening and inequality is increasing. What fundamental changes in the nature of our work, economics and education will be required for us to build a safe and more equal world? How do we build trust in our interactions and our institutions?


Which new technologies can we embrace to transform industries and make us more productive?
How do we meet the needs of future generations with solutions both close to home and out of this world?


As the global population is expected to reach 10 billion people by 2050, demand for food, and with it demand for water, is set to continue to rise.
How do we transform the way we interact with our planet to produce what we need?


What opportunities are there to prevent disease, promote human health and prolong life?

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