Shing Yue
van Breugel

Jessica Allen

Lecturer/Principal Researcher, University of Newcastle

Reversing the tide of carbon emissions »

Dr Jessica Allen is an early career researcher that is making headway in the critical field of clean energy. Her substantial research is already seeing recognition in the fields of low emission and renewable energy systems including biomass and solar thermal, as well as energy storage. Her research aims to apply electrochemical processes to achieve greater efficiencies and sustainability in energy storage and production. Jessica has worked on both fundamental and applied research as well as working as a professional engineer in industry for startup renewable energy companies.

Tammy Atkins

Co-founder, It’s on Purpose

Voices for Indi »

Tammy Atkins brings expertise in governance, community and economic development and has worked with all three tiers of government. She’s a former parliamentary staffer, Local Government Councillor and independent candidate. Her business, It’s On Purpose, specialises in strategic writing, effective engagement and conversations with purpose.

Larissa Bartlett

Research Fellow, University of Tasmania

ISLAND Project »

Larissa Bartlett is the ISLAND Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania’s Wicking Centre for Dementia Research and Education. Larissa has a BA(Sociology and Social Policy), BMedSc (Honours) and completed her PhD in 2019. Her research interests include positive interventions that can improve people’s health and quality of life. Work to date has focused on dementia prevention, workplace mental health, stress and mindfulness.
Larissa’s employment history includes community engagement, partnerships and fundraising for the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, research development and intellectual property licensing at the University of Sydney and business strategy, industry development and project management in the technology and government sectors.

Alysia Bennett

Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Art Design and Architecture, Monash University

The Rightsize Service »

Dr Alysia Bennett is a lecturer at Monash University’s Department of Architecture.
Alysia’s current research focuses on overcoming barriers to the densification and diversification of dwellings in established suburbs to address the shortage of holistically affordable housing. Over the past decade, Alysia has undertaken a range of architectural research and consulting roles within the public and private sectors, including the University of Tasmania, the City of Sydney, BVN and the Office of the State Architect in Tasmania. She is also affiliated with Cumulus Studio and Parlour’s WikiD Australia initiative.

Emily Bobis

Co-founder & Customer Engagement Lead, Compass IoT

Digital Transport Management Platform »

Emily Bobis is one of the Co-founders of Compass IoT, a multi-award winning startup based in Sydney that is backed by the University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney. Emily is passionate about female-led innovation. She has over 5 years of experience working across the local startup community, including participating in the University of Sydney INCUBATE and Genesis programs. She has been a founding team member for 3 startups, including Airbike – Australia’s first locally owned and operated bikesharing scheme in Canberra, ACT. Emily has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Political Economy and a Masters of Commerce in International Business and Marketing from the University of Sydney. She is currently completing a Diploma of Languages in Mandarin Chinese.

Kimberly Bolton

CEO, Carapac

Carapac »

Kimberly Bolton is the CEO of Carapac. Carapac has created a sustainable, home compostable plastic alternative made from crustacean shells. She was raised in South Africa, where she developed a deep respect and love for the environment. She studied Economics and Environmental Science at the University of Cape Town and furthered her studies in a Masters in Business Sustainability at the University of Sydney. Her enthusiasm to create a practical solution for the plastic problem sparked the creation of Carapac fresh out of university.

Matiu Bush

Deputy Director, Health Transformation Lab

One Good Street »

Matiu Bush is a hybrid – a clinician and a designer who founded One Good Street, a social impact platform to encourage neighbour initiated care for older residents at risk of social isolation and loneliness. Matiu is the Deputy Director of the Health Transformation Lab at RMIT, designing towards cultures of innovation and creativity in healthcare. Matiu has a Master’s degree in Public Health and broad clinical and managerial nursing experience, including working in Tijuana, Mexico with Nobel Prize Laureate Mother Teresa in international border aid, and as an emergency, oncology, intensive care nurse and is a sexual health Nurse Practitioner.
Matiu contributes to health system innovation through involvement with Better Care Victoria as a board member and the Emerging Leaders Clinical Advisory Committee. Matiu is a Rotarian and a member of the Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) and mentors the next generation of LGBTI+ students through the Pinnacle Foundation Mentoring Program.

James Chapman

Program manager for environmental science, RMIT

Antimicrobial Resistance Strategies »

Dr James Chapman is the current group academic for the Nanobiotechnology lab where the liquid metal technology was developed. He is the program manager for environmental science at RMIT and was previously the Head of Science at Central Queensland University. James is principal researcher and supervisor to 6 PhD students, is a named inventor on the work, and is a director of a company.

Jessica Dallas

PhD Candidate, Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research

Are resources from outer space the key to decarbonising? »

Jessica Dallas is currently a PhD candidate at the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research and School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering at UNSW Sydney. Prior to embarking on her PhD she completed a BSc in Earth Science and an MSc in Cosmochemistry investigating early Solar System processes, before working in research laboratories in Denmark and France. Jessica’s PhD research focuses on assessing the environmental impact of space development, in particular off Earth mining. It also examines the ways in which Earth’s environment may benefit from the utilisation of space resources, in particular through the provision of resources required for manufacturing renewable energy technologies.

Dijana Dawe

Business Development Manager, Enesys

Creating Circular Economies with Waste »

Dijana Dawe is the Business Development Manager of award-winning company Enesys. Dijana is an advocate for sustainable solutions in agriculture and creating robust circular economies by harnessing the synergies that already exist within nature, exploring waste as a resource, and breaking down outdated business models. Dijana’s mission is to see self-sustaining communities and fully integrated sustainable commercial precincts develop from vision to reality for a different looking future.

Tom Denniss

CEO, Wave Swell

Wave Swell Energy »

Tom Deniss has a PhD in Mathematics and Oceanography. Tom invented the technology of WSE. He has served as the Australian Government’s representative on the International Energy Agency’s Ocean Energy Systems Executive Committee, as well as on the Global Roundtable on Climate Change, an initiative of the Special Adviser to the Secretary General of the United Nations. Tom was the first person to be inducted into the International Ocean Energy Hall of Fame in 2007, and has served on the Australian Government’s Advisory Board for the Clean Energy Innovation Centre and the CSIRO Advisory Committee for the Australian Wave Energy Atlas Project. In 2013, Tom set a new world record for the Fastest Circumnavigation of the Earth on Foot, running the equivalent of 622 marathons in 622 days. He was also a finalist in the 2014 Australian of the Year competition, won by Adam Goodes. As a director of WSE, Tom’s board responsibilities include technology.

Andrew Horsley

CEO, Quantum Brilliance

Diamond Quantum Computing »

Quantum Brilliance CEO Andrew Horsley has worked as a scientist and engineer across the full spectrum of quantum technologies, developing microscopes to see magnetic fields, optical memories for quantum communication, and diamond quantum computers. Born and raised in Canberra, Andrew studied Physics at the ANU, worked for 6 years as a PhD student and postdoc in Switzerland, and returned to the ANU in 2017 to lead its diamond quantum computing program. Andrew and Co-founder Marcus Doherty recently founded Quantum Brilliance to commercialise their world-leading research.

Tim Jones

Product Manager, HyprFire

Rapid detection and mitigation of cyber-attacks »

Tim Jones has over 20 years’ experience in bringing technologies to market in a range of sectors, including energy, health and resources. Tim’s skills and experience are on the commercial front, including roles as a GM, COO, CEO and CoSec in private and public technology companies. He has commercialised technologies internationally, including to Europe, USA and Asia. Tim is an overall winner of the Mitsubishi Australia Innovator of the Year Award.

Isabel Lam

Head of Strategy, Swoop Aero

Swoop Aero – Transforming access to healthcare »

Isabel Lam is Swoop Aero’s Head of Strategy. She has a background in investment banking and spent five years working for JP Morgan and UBS in advisory sales in London, with a focus on emerging market equities.

Immediately before joining Swoop Aero, Isabel spent a year working with two NGOs in the human rights sector in Latin America, with a focus on promoting gender equality and women’s rights.

She graduated from the University of Oxford with a Master’s in Modern Languages and is a CFA Charterholder, as well as a remote pilot licence holder.

Phil McFarlane

Founder & Director, EAT GROUP

Australian Plant Proteins »

Raised in the Victorian Wimmera-Mallee wheat belt region, where his family’s third generation grain and sheep farm still operates today, Phil McFarlane has an unwavering passion to make a significant contribution to the future of the Australian agriculture industry. With more than 20 years’ experience as a strategy and business transformation delivery specialist in Australia and overseas, Phil has a deep understanding of farm management issues, climate and growth constraints, as well as the requirements to regenerate the agriculture industry from an investment, profitability and people perspective.

Forbes McGain

Anaesthetist, Western Health

Capturing Anaesthetic Gases »

Dr Forbes McGain is an anaesthetist and intensive care physician at Western Health in Melbourne. He remains passionate about making seemingly small environmental, financial and social sustainability changes to how we practice medicine, and magnifying those changes through every nations’ hospitals. He is also an Associate Professor of medicine at Melbourne and Sydney Universities.

Forbes is currently collaborating with colleagues at the University of Melbourne and friends within the Doctors for the Environment examining ways to make hospitals more sustainable and being stewards for the earth’s extraordinary biodiversity. ​

Riccardo Parin

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Sydney University

Advanced Capture of Water from the Atmosphere (ACWA) »

Dr. Riccardo Parin obtained his Bachelor (2012) and Master (2015) degree in Energy Engineering at the University of Padova, Italy. He completed the PhD in Industrial Engineering at the University of Padova, curriculum Thermo-mechanical Energy Engineering in 2019. Riccardo’s research focused on the relationship between surface properties (surface energy, wettability, roughness) and two-phase heat transfer processes. In particular, he completed extensive work on hybrid organic-inorganic sol-gel silica coatings deposited on metal surfaces (aluminium and copper) for dropwise condensation promotion of pure steam. He is currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Associate on the ACWA project.

Kerstin Petroll

PhD Candidate, Macquarie University

Engineering of microorganisms for the sustainable production of hydrogen gas »

Kerstin Petroll has a PhD in synthetic biology and more than 4 years’ experience in the engineering of biological systems for industrial applications. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Macquarie University involved in the optimisation of hydrogen-producing designer bugs funded by ARENA. Her team HydGene Renewables is currently working with the CSIRO ON team in ONAccelerate 7 to streamline their path to commercialisation. Kerstin’s main role in the team is to work on the business model, engage with customers, stakeholders, investors and media. Kerstin’s ultimate goal is to promote prosperous and sustainable economies by transforming sustainable and innovative research into viable technologies.

Daniel Prohasky

Co-founder, Curvecrete

Curvecrete – Negative Waste Architecture »

Daniel Prohasky is an architectural engineer and roboticist passionate about innovating to make a positive change in the building design and construction industry. He is a Co-founder of Curvecrete and founding Architectural Engineer and lecturer at Swinburne University is Swinburne’s 2019 Design Faculty Innovation Fellow and 2019 Veski’s innovator of the year.

Chamindie Punyadeera

Associate Professor, QUT

A Simple Saliva Test to Detect Early Throat Cancers »

Associate Professor. Chamindie Punyadeera is an inventor and a leader in women in Science Technology Engineering Mathematics and Medicine. She has had a hybrid research career working in industry as well as in academia. She has worked at Philips Electronics in the Netherlands and has been instrumental in developing Philips Mini-care I-20 for cardiac disease detection. She has also contributed to the development of an integrated platform to detect nucleic acids (Idylla TM) commercialised by Biocartis NV (Belgium). She is a globally acknowledged pioneer in salivary diagnostics. She is a consultant to Oasis Diagnostics®, USA and FLUIDS iQ™, Montreal, Canada. She leads a saliva research laboratory of 13 researchers focusing on developing novel salivary technologies to detect heart disease and the application of liquid biopsy to accelerate precision treatment in cancers.

She is the convenor of the inaugural saliva conference in Australasia in 2016, which is now a national conference. Chamindie has written 99 publications, 5 invited book chapters, cited 3319 times with a h-index of 30. She has also produced 13 PCT applications and in the process of licensing salivary oral cancer test. Her team also develops prognostic assays to identify patients likely to develop recurrences using circulating tumour cells. She has partnered with Agena Biosciences in translating this prognostic assay into clinical practice. She has delivered keynote and invited lectures both nationally and internationally. She is a grant reviewer for both national and international funding agencies and currently serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Oral Oncology, associate editor BMC Genomics and a guest editor to BMC Medical Genomics, Diagnostics and Biomolecules.

Kyle Redman

Product Designer, newDemocracy

Evidence Based Policy Research Project »

Kyle Redman is a Project Designer and Manager at the newDemocracy Foundation. He completed a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) at the University of New South Wales (2017) and has since designed and managed a number of newDemocracy’s most recent projects, including our Democracy in Geelong, Yarra Valley Water, ACT Housing Choices and Byron Shire Council projects.

He has also worked with international partners to design democratic innovations in Eupen, Fortaleza and Madrid. He has also co-authored the recently published handbook Enabling National Initiatives to Take Democracy Beyond Elections for the United Nations Democracy Fund.

Shing Yue Sheung

Co-founder and COO, Navi Medical Technologies

Neonav – improving catheter positioning in newborns »

Shing Yue Sheung is Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Navi Medical Technologies, a Melbourne-based medtech startup dedicated to improving the lives of newborns through innovative medical technology. Navi’s launch product, the Neonav, is created in collaboration with clinical experts to provide safer care for newborn patients through accurate, real-time catheter tip location. During his Master of Biomedical Engineering degree at The University of Melbourne, Shing co-founded Navi through the BioDesign Innovation subject. Prior to co-founding Navi, Shing held biomedical engineering and consulting roles at PwC, the Bionics Institute, and ETH Zurich. In 2018, Shing was on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Healthcare and Science Asia List and was awarded the Melbourne Business School Alumni Leadership Award.

Amit Singh

Senior Advisor, AlphaBeta

Responsible Technology Australia »

Amit Singh is a Board Member of Responsible Technology Australia (RTA), an independent organisation seeking to mitigate the social harms caused by exploitative data practices. From countering the spread of disinformation and polarisation online to mitigating foreign interference in our democracy, RTA aims to develop evidence-based policy and build public constituencies to drive the ethical progression of technology in Australia. Amit is currently a Senior Advisor with AlphaBeta and was previously Head of Economic Policy at Uber and senior advisor to two Australian Prime Ministers.

Vivian Tam

Associate Dean, School of Built Environment, Western Sydney University

CO2 Concrete »

Professor Vivian W. Y. Tam is the Associate Dean (International) at School of Built Environment, Western Sydney University, Australia. She was nominated to the College of Expert, Australian Research Council, Australian Government. She received her PhD in sustainable construction from the Department of Building and Construction at City University of Hong Kong in 2005. Her research interests are in the areas of environmental management in construction and sustainable development. She is currently the Editor of Construction and Building Materials and International Journal of Construction Management. She has published over three books, 21 book chapters, 266 referred journal articles and 173 referred conference articles. She has been awarded forty-two research grants (totaled over $8 million), including five national competitive projects from Australian Research Council, Australian Government.

Edward Tsyrlin

The University of Melbourne

Biodiversity Accounting »

Originally from Russia, Edward Tsyrlin has more than 25 years of experience working in the field of freshwater ecology and taxonomy in Melbourne. After spending 11 years as a Senior Scientist at Melbourne Water, he is currently a graduate researcher working with Melissa Carew and other researchers on the topic of application of DNA barcoding. With his colleagues, Edward co-founded and conducted The Waterbug Workshop to teach other WaterWatch coordinates, school teachers and water professionals how to identify freshwater invertebrates. He is the co-author of The Waterbug Book that won Eureka Book Prize and the Whitley Medal.

Pia Winberg

Director, CEO & Chief Scientist, Venus Shell Systems

Venus Shell Systems »

The passionate founder of Venus Shell Systems, Pia Winberg has been working across both the marine industry and academia for the past 15 years and has a background in marine systems ecology.

Her career has spanned both academic research and industry innovation in the fields of coastal and estuarine ecology, fisheries and sustainable aquaculture systems. Pia’s main research is in marine food production systems that are sustainably integrated with the coastal and marine environment and, as such, her published research efforts span aquaculture and sustainable estuarine systems. Pia is the driving force behind the pioneering development and production of Australia’s unique seaweed biomass and extracts.

Matt van Breugel

Co-founder & CEO, Redback Systems

Redback Systems »

Matt van Breugel has recently concluded his PhD research in engineering quantum systems using diamond-based nanotechnologies, in addition to Masters and Bachelors degrees in physics. He is currently a Co-founder and CEO of Redback Systems – a spin off company working to commercialise spectroscopy technologies utilised in his PhD. Matt and the Redback Systems team have participated in CSIRO’s ON Prime program, and will shortly commence ON Accelerate. This project is Matt’s second business venture, he is also Co-founder and Director of Fire Code Australia – a software as a service company providing small-scale bushfire modelling to the bushfire risk assessment community.

Claire Young

PhD Candidate, Deakin University

The My Food & Mood Project »

Claire Young is a PhD Candidate within the Food & Mood Centre and a Deakin University Postgraduate Research scholarship recipient. Claire holds degrees in Engineering, Information Technology and Psychology and has experience in eHealth.

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